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Access Pro Health and The Covid Challenge 

Uncertain times have created unprecedented challenges for leading organizations to create safe places for employees and clients to operate in. Pandemic threats such as Covid 19 have disrupted the workplace and organizations are faced with the reality of a fragmented work environment with employees working from home or working in unsecured spaces with staff feeling stressed and uncertain by the potential risks of contracting serious illness.

Uncertainty can be managed - with qualified education and training, management and employees alike can be empowered to understand the risk, and how, through proper training and awareness, how to mitigate the risk and create a safer work environment.

Croghan and Associates is pleased to announce our new service, AccessProHealth, providing medical advisory and health education consulting capabilities provided by leading medical experts.  We will work with your company leadership to support standards, policies and procedures related to health and wellness in the workplace. We will provide subject matter expertise and help to  ensure that your organization is following public health safety standards aligning your corporate strategy with current and anticipated impacts of Covid-19.

We can help and advise management and employees on understanding Covid 19 and other pandemic threats, identify mitigation strategies, and educate on proper preventative practices to curtail the risk of transmission and infection,

We are committed to delivering comprehensive and accessible medical information in a time of crisis that will empower businesses, business leaders and employees to make choices that will help them thrive through Covid-19.

Medical Practice Lead:    Dr. Katina Tzanetos



Dr. Katina Tzanetos leads the delivery of medical advisory services to clients and designs the corporate strategies and education programs for our AccessProHealth service.

Dr. Tzanetos is an internal medicine specialist working at the University Health Network (UHN) and an associate professor at the University of Toronto. In her clinical work she cares for complex medical patients with multi-system disease, including those requiring hospitalization for Covid-19. Dr. Tzanetos received her MD degree from McMaster University, and went on to complete a Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology and a fellowship in Medical Education at the University of Toronto. She is the recipient of multiple teaching awards and has taught and mentored hundreds of medical students over the past 20 years.

As Director, Dr. Tzanetos is active in developing hospital and university policies to educate and assist medical students and their physician-teachers through Covid-19, including those focused on shifting towards virtual learning and patient care, accommodating those with disability, and mitigating individual and organizational risk.

Dr. Tzanetos looks forward to using her years of experience as an educator and physician to empower those in the business sector against Covid-19. She believes strongly that, armed with medical information that is understandable and based on the latest evidence, leaders and employees will be able to make choices that promote safety and well-being for themselves and their organization. 

Executive Management Strategies

Making executive decisions regarding pandemic planning and continuity strategies is challenging when presented with incomplete or inaccurate information. We can partner with you understand the risk and tailor strategies to help achieve your workplace management goals. We:

  • consult to executive management teams educating on Covid 19 and advising on strategy
  • help management to identify and set infection control processes and policies for employees returning to the workplace
  • mitigate liability in event of transmission of illness in workplace
  • identify “scale back” practices and policies in event of increasing prevalence or incidence

Employee Education

KNOWLEDGE EMPOWERS ! Employees are concerned - pandemics are a gamechanger and can be an existential threat to their well-being and their families. Employees will be reluctant to return to the workplace until they can understand the risk and be comfortable that proper preventative measures are in place to contain the risk. Our Access Pro Health can help by: 

  • Educating employees on the risks of a pandemic, the myths and the facts of COVID 19
  • Train employees on how to protect themselves through proper personal protection procedures - the do’s and don’ts of all safety practices
  • Support employees to adhere to infection control processes and help them manage mental health concerns that are caused or exacerbated by COVID 19