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Partnering with you to address your executive talent needs

At Croghan & Associates, we are pleased to work with you in providing Recruitment, Talent Management and Succession Planning services to assist your firm in meeting the challenge of building and maintaining the absolute best leadership team.  Located in Toronto, Canada, we provide services across Canada, the USA and the Caribbean.

Executive Search and Recruitment

The need for high performing executive leadership is a requirement for successful organizations to thrive.  Croghan and Associates specializes in the recruitment of senior leaders in financial services, technology and asset management. We apply a thorough and rigorous assessment process in the identification and placement of the candidates that we source for your organization.  We will identify the best in class leaders suited to your organization’s corporate culture and that will meet your firm’s specific requirements.

Partnership + Experience = Performance

We subscribe to a long-term partnership model in the pursuit of excellence. Specializing in financial services and executive search, we have had the privilege of working with many of the same clients and candidates for more than two decades. We understand that loyalty comes from the delivery of exceptional client service, integrity, and excellence, all provided in a consistent and timely manner.

Due Diligence and Candidate Screening

At Croghan & Associates, we provide thorough candidate screening for our clients. Our reference checking and due-diligence services are of value to the organizations we partner with. We interview the candidate’s references ourselves and run professional background checks to complete the education, credit and criminal screening on every candidate we place.
We provide you with a detailed report that consists of an exhaustive interview that will illustrate the strengths of the individual and areas for continued development of the potential employee.

Succession Planning and Talent Research

Succession planning is fundamental to a firm's strategic planning. Identifying a company's future leaders requires both internal and external organizational research. While a firm singles out and develops prospective leaders from its own ranks, it must also stay current as to the top talent that exists outside of the organization. The unexpected loss of a leader can impact a firm’s momentum - a well-developed succession plan can alleviate the burden on an organization in this untimely event.

To complement your succession plan pertinent to the talent inside your organization, Croghan & Associates will provide you with extensive research that identifies the relevant industry talent for the key positions within your firm. We review this plan on going and will provide continuous updates and research as to the top talent outside of your organization on a real-time basis.

Executive Transition 

Croghan and Associates provides Career Transition and coaching services to firms and their executives.  We understand that the market is dynamic and can be challenging for individuals and companies as they move through unexpected change. We take a one-to-one outplacement approach to supporting leaders by working with them to create a customized plan tailored to the specific needs of the individual. 

We provide practical and supportive strategies that help guide individuals towards their next opportunity. Whether an individual is looking to move into a progressive role leveraging their existing skill-set or looking to explore and identify the next chapter in their career, we will work with executives over the long-term to help meet your career goals.